Vanessa Bejine began singing at age 5. Performing songs on dining furniture at family gatherings to songs by artist such as, Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey, and Gloria Estafan. To name just a few. By the time Vanessa reached Junior High School she was already writing poems which she would then turn into songs. Her first break came when she met Kev Yada of KS Media. The tandem worked tirelessly on creating a uniquely beautiful sound. In between time Vanessa secured spots on several outlets in TV, modeling, performing and branding. Her debut single, “Addicted” is generating incredible buzz while critics say that the video is “pure magic” and that Vanessa’s performance is flawless. With her amazing Hollywood looks and golden voice Vanessa will set out on a 2017 tour while continuing to give her fans music through her very first album currently in production


by Vanessa Bejine | Addicted - Single